Monday, July 15, 2024
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Watch for undercover agents to cause trouble and blame the Freedom Convoy

Does anyone actually believe there’s a protester stupid enough to fly an American Confederate flag in Ottawa, or is this a set up by infiltrators working to discredit Convoy organizers? This photo dominated mainstream media coverage for more than a day, while none of the news anchors recalled Justin Trudeau’s appalling “blackface” photos. No one interviewed the owner of the flag. Photo: Joel Harden/Twitter

By Lindsay Prescott

Does Trudeau already know that undercover agents intend to get violent? If so, how does he know this?

The Trudeau government has been telling Canadians for weeks to expect trouble from the peaceful Freedom Convoy that has now arrived in Ottawa.

Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Convoy is in any way dangerous. This was made up by Trudeau and his team.

Convoy organizers have been warned that undercover agitators have infiltrated their ranks, and have distanced themselves from comments made by these people.

At the same that Trudeau has been insulting Canadians who support the Freedom Convoy, Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonnell issued a security alert to Members of Parliament which warns government employees that the demonstrators are dangerous and gives them the following advice:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, interact with the demonstrators either verbally or physically. If the demonstrators prevent your entry to the building, withdraw and inform your manager and your building’s Security Control Centre of the situation.
  • Wait until the dispute has been resolved or until security and/or the police clears a safe path through the demonstrators before attempting to gain access to your building.
  • If your floor or workspace is occupied by demonstrators:
  • Immediately store any protected or classified information and valuables.
  • Lock your computer.
  • Do not say or do anything that could provoke the demonstrators, including attempting to physically restrain them; and
  • Move away from the demonstrators into a safe location.

Britain, Sweden and Florida among other places around the world have already COVID restrictions and opened up completely; here in Canada, Trudeau’s fear-mongering media messaging plan help him to continue unneeded COVID restrictions and lockdowns even as cases are dropping every day.

His alarmist accusations may allow him to discredit the Truckers and the millions of Canadians supporting them that say it’s time to end restrictions and let people get back to their normal lives after two years.