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Australian truckers planning revolt on August 31 with veterans, citizens

Australian truckdrivers (called “truckies”) are planning a nation-wide blockade of roads on August 31 to protest government lockdowns.

On August 23rd, Road Warrior News spoke to one of the event supporters at length and discovered there is more to the event than a convoy of protesting truckies; Dave Till of Queensland says it is a citizens’ revolt which will involve a large number of retired Australian military personnel.

“We are taking this country back,” Till says. One of Till’s buddies was among those shot with rubber bullets by police in Melbourne on August 21st. “He was shot in the stomach and was severely injured; if they’d got him in the face, he’d be dead.”

Media images of Australian police and active duty soldiers beating citizens are horrifying viewers around the globe, many of whom are questioning how such things can be happening in one of the world’s most established democracies.

“Police shooting a young girl in the face….for the good of her health? This has nothing to do with COVID.”  

Till says that COVID-19 edicts from the Australian government have had the effect of shutting down trucking; while roads are open and ostensibly truckies are allowed to move loads, truck stops have been shut down and drivers are not allowed to stop for fuel or food.

Melbourne police fired rubber bullets at protestors on August 21st: “What does this have to do with COVID?” John Till asks. “It’s evil, is what it is.”

“How are you gonna drive from Brisbane to Melbourne to without stopping for gas?” Till asks. “The truckies are shut down.”

He believes forbidding truck stops to open in order to serve drivers is part of a co-ordinated plan to create food shortages, and says farmers were forced to plow crops under at the last harvest rather than allow the food to be processed: “All the canneries are closed because the farms aren’t shipping. People need to wake up before it’s too late and their families are starving.”

Not all Australians agree with the truckies’ plan to shut down the roads:

“I really don’t want to say this, and as much as it hurts me, I have no choice but to say it,” Richard J. McLaughlin wrote on Facebook. “The truckies may think they could shut down Australia, but it’s the truckies that are going to be shut down instead. The police will be out in force with road blocks replete with spike strips, ready to shred the tyres of every truck involved.

“Police will be ready and waiting at the ports, everywhere. The trucks that on the road today will be on the auction floor at Mannheim’s tomorrow. Let’s not pretend. The government has thought of everything that’s anything. They’ve done all their homework, they’ve explored every possible scenario, they’ve run all the simulations and have all the contingency plans in place.”

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