Monday, July 15, 2024
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Transport Canada among services at risk of service interruption during possible strikes, labour action

On April 12th, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has received a strike mandate from members in the Program and Administrative ServicesOperational ServicesTechnical Services, and Education and Library Science bargaining groups, which collectively represent more than 120,000 federal government workers employed by Treasury Board.  

While the Government of Canada states that it is “committed to negotiating collective agreements that are fair for employees and reasonable for taxpayers,” bargaining groups representing approximately 159,000 public servants are in a legal strike position. In the event of a labour disruption, certain services may be affected.

Transport Canada says that essential services would be maintained during labour disruptions, but there may be impacts, such as delays in accessing points of service. The department would continue to respond to any transportation safety, security or environmental incident.

Services expected to be maintained are:

  • Transport Canada Centres
  • Transport Canada-owned and operated airports
  • Civil aviation safety and security oversight
  • Rail safety and security oversight
  • Transportation of dangerous good oversight
  • Marine safety and security oversight
  • Issuance of pleasure craft operator cards and pleasure craft licenses
  • National enforcement program
  • Hours of service – Issuance of exemptions for federally regulated commercial motor vehicle undertakings 
  • Motor vehicle safety general information email 
  • Motor vehicle safety online defect complaint form and posting of new safety recalls 

Services expected to be partially or fully disrupted are:

  • Public outreach
  • Regulatory work
  • Aircraft services
  • Services such as issuance of licenses, certificates, and registrations
  • Motor vehicle safety 1-800 defect complaints and recalls hotline, defect complaint analysis, defect investigations, and recall oversight
  • Transportation security clearances
  • 1-888 service for ordering TC publications and forms, and answering questions on products

Transport Canada has committed to keeping its public page updated with current information here.

General enquiry phone numbers are available here.