Friday, July 19, 2024
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian exports rose during Convoy border blockades

Despite delays caused by the Truckers Freedom Convoy at border crossings including Windsor and Coutts Alberta, Canada’s exports that month actually increased.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, in February 2022, Canada’s merchandise imports were up 3.9 per cent. This followed a 7.5 per cent decline in January. Meanwhile, exports rose 2.8 per cent in February, largely due to higher exports of energy products. As a result, Canada’s merchandise trade surplus with the world narrowed from $3.1 billion in January 2022 to $2.7 billion in February 2022.

These statistics indicate the opposite of Justin Trudeau’s testimony at the Public Order Emergencies Inquiry in fall of 2022, at which he stated that protests at the border were causing Canada tremendous economic damage.

In fact, as Truckers reported at the time, once they knew a border blockade was in place, they re-routed to use alternative border crossings.