Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Wall Street Journal breaks taboo on COVID coverage

The Wall Street Journal is one of the largest newspapers in the United States by circulation, with a circulation of almost 3 million copies. It has been printed continuously since its inception on July 8, 1889. Image: WSJ

The venerable Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has published numerous articles challenging the COVID orthadoxy in recent days.

“The Flaherty emails demonstrate that the federal government unlawfully coerced the companies in an effort to ensure that Americans would be exposed only to state-approved information about Covid-19. As a result of that unconstitutional state action, Americans were given the false impression of a scientific ‘consensus’ on critically important issues around Covid-19. A reckoning for the government’s unlawful, deceptive and dangerous conduct is under way in court,” reporters Jenin Younes and Aaron Kheriaty write in a January 8th news article titled “The White House Covid Censorship Machine.”

On January 1st, Allysia Finley asked “Are Vaccines Fuelling the New Covid Variants?”

“Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution,” the article states, in a drastic departure from three years of mainstream media news coverage which refused to provoke any questions which might increase vaccine hesitancy. Finley’s January 1st piece quotes studies published in Nature, Cell, and the New England Journal of Medicine asking these questions.

On January 10th, the WSJ’s headline reads “Where Are the Next Covid Treatments? Biden’s bureaucracy is an obstacle, as vaccine immunity ebbs.” The article states, “The Biden health bureaucracy’s foot-dragging and confusing standards are also impeding new treatments.”

Readers who have consumed millions of words on Covid since 2019 have noticed the stark and sudden changes in media coverage in early 2023. The WSJ appears to be leading the way for other mainstream outlets.

“It’s concerning that there might be more to the whole vaccine story, considering the censorship, immunity given to the vaccine makers, etc. The government has made it very hard to trust information coming from them as a result of this,” commented WSJ reader James Gallagher. “Our government is either completely incompetent or just entirely corrupt.”

The January 2nd collapse of football player Damar Hamlin live on-air during Monday Night Football has generated tremendous coverage, and questions about the hundreds of other athletes who collapsed and died in the past two years for reasons mostly unknown.