Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Image: TFSH
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TFSH asking supporters to report commercial collisions this winter

The Truckers for Safer Highways team is trying to record each collision involving commercial vehicles this winter, according to a new statement released.

“We would like to have a count of these collisions regardless of who is at fault, mostly because official determination of fault is rarely published,” notes TFSH co-founder Travis McDougall. “This is no simple task.”

TFSH is asking any of it’s followers who encounter a collision which causes the complete closure of a highway and a commercial vehicle is involved to email the date, time and location of the collision to [email protected] Please include location date and time with each occurrence.

“This will be valuable information for our continued advocacy,” McDougall notes. “Thanks to everyone who can help us with this information.”

Trucking industry members who heard first Minister Caroline Mulroney and now Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria repeatedly note that “Ontario has the safest roads in North America” are wondering specifically to which metric the Ministers are referring – especially considering the Ontario Provincial Police reported a 40 per increase in commercial vehicle collisions in 2022.