Tuesday, April 16, 2024
"This is sure to be the #1 item at the auction, and the proceeds will be used to pay for the video on 'Proactive Approach to Driver Safety,'" says TTSAO president Philip Fletcher. Image: TTSAO

Autographed print surprise donation to TTSAO auction

16 authenticated autographs signed, PSA authenticated

This print was generously donated to TTSAO for auction. It is #395 of 1,000, and signed by painter Ron Lewis. Image: TTSAO

In a surprise donation, the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario has received a numbered print (395 of 1,000) of an original painting of the National Hockey League’s “500 Goal Scorers” as an auction item at its February 29th conference. The print has been authenticated by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

“It will be by far the most valuable item we have to auction off, and will no doubt generate the most interest,” says TTSAO president Philip Fletcher. “Again, all of the funds raised will go to the production costs of our newest safety video, ‘Proactive Approach to Driver Safety.'”

The autographs of all 16 of the hockey 500 goal scorers, including Gordie Howe, have been verified as has the signature of the painter, Ron Lewis.

The framed print will be on display from the evening of February 28th, during the social/networking event portion of the TTSAO conference at the Lion Head Golf and Country Club in Brampton.

Bidding will open at 3:30 on February 29th in a live, vocal auction with Auctioneer Guy Broderick. Other items at the live auction will include the “Toboggan of Wine” and a model roll-off truck donated by Green for Life. Several more Gordie Howe memorabilia items will be awarded through a silent auction which will be open all day February 29th.

For more information or to register for the TTSAO 2024 Conference, visit this link.