Friday, July 19, 2024
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ExceleRATE reducing attrition, increasing safety stats

“Rigour, objectivity, consistency” combined with the experience of a trained instructor

Impirica’s CEO P-J Barclay is taking the week ahead of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario’s (TTSAO’s) annual conference to visit clients before his February 29th presentation, as a quick check-in and opportunity to introduce customers to Wade Carson, VP of Business Development at Impirica. 

It’s been just a year since Impirica teamed up with TTSAO to launch the Proud Providers Program which makes the ExceleRATE driver risk evaluation accessible across Ontario. Schools and clients are sharing very encouraging feedback regarding significant and measurable results.

“From the start, our philosophy has been to democratize accessibility to our science, ensuring universal industry-wide value,” says Barclay.

“What we’ve seen amongst the (TTSAO) members with the Proud Providers Program is that there are opportunities for them to grow a new revenue stream. They have been able to add a best-in-class service line to their offering, adding a cognitive element to the process provides an angle that was not necessarily picked up through the traditional road test or road evaluation.”

ExceleRATE is a proactive driver evaluation designed to objectively quantify driver-specific risk. The evaluation addresses the challenge of identifying impairment risk resulting from underlying medical conditions, which traditional training methods may not detect to establish relevant driving ability.

For the initial roll out of ExceleRATE, a select number of TTSAO registered schools were identified to offer ExceleRATE to existing and prospective clients for third party evaluations.

Impirica president and CEO PJ Barkley will present at the TTSAO conference on February 29th. Image: Impirica

“TTSAO and Phil Fletcher have been amazing supporters of our program,” Barclay notes. “Largely because of the rigor and the objectivity it brings to evaluation, but at the same time, the consistency. There’s a consistent artifact or piece of diligence that can be associated with every driver that goes through a training program.

“When proactive, data-driven insights intersect with the expertise and methodology of a top-tier school curriculum, the entire industry stands to reap the rewards of achieving the pinnacle of excellence.”

Matt Richardson of KRTS Transportation says “The return on investment that KRTS has seen since beginning to offer the ExceleRATE solution to our students and corporate customers has definitely been positive.”

“The most obvious factor in this is that we have added an additional revenue stream into our corporate training services that gives our customers a proven tool to help actively measure and manage driver risk. When it comes to the student training side of KRTS, we have received great feedback from our 200-hour AZ program participants who have enjoyed the process of completing the VITALS cognitive testing, and we as an organization benefit from getting a quantified look at the students prior to them completing any of their practical training.”

Impirica’s ExceleRATE solution is another example of the TTSAO’s conference theme for 2024, “Take a Quantum Leap into the Future.” The conference is being held once again at the Lion Head Golf and Country Club in Brampton with a conference room package available at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Toronto Mississauga.

In addition to Barclay’s presentation on ExceleRATE, keynote speaker Heather Grondin will bring a multi-media update on the Gordie Howe International Bridge project which will provide a new link between Windsor and Detroit.

Ontario’s Minister of Transportation Prabmeet Sarkaria has confirmed his attendance and will bring greetings.

Illustrating one of the first and most important quantum leaps of 2024, Caleb Krahn of DriverVerified will share information on the recent “Heavy G” training program launched jointly by TTSAO and DriverVerified.

To register for the 2024 conference, visit the TTSAO’s website.

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