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September 28th “apps off” strike by international Uber and Lyft drivers being organized by ADCU

The App Drivers and Couriers Union is asking app drivers around the globe to go on strike on September 28th as part of it’s “Apps Off!” protest for better pay, better rights and safety.  

“Let’s make this an international strike. Canada has joined in, France has joined, the Netherlands has joined in, India has joined in,” says ADCU supporter Torsten Kunert of the Rideshare Driving School.

“I ask riders on this day: take a taxi, take a shuttle, take a bus, but switch your Uber apps OFF…I ask all riders to stand in solidarity with your drivers, so we can really make an impact.”

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2015, the ADCU says it is the UK’s largest trade union for licensed private hire drivers and couriers. “Apps Off Day” is being organized in support of the ADCU’s key demands, which are:

  • Fair treatment for every driver – from operators, licensing authorities and police.
  • A cap on licensing so drivers in can make a fair income.
  • Income guarantees from operators – incomes have collapsed through over supply.
  • Worker rights protections and worker status.
  • Right to be properly consulted on regulatory changes.
  • Safety and security on the job.

“We aim to represent all UK private hire drivers and couriers in the UK,” the ADCU website states.  “Private hire drivers are honest and hard-working people who are often badly treated by employers and regulators, but with a strong collective voice we will be heard, we will demand change and will make a better future for all private hire drivers.

“Our industry is changing rapidly and drivers have a weak voice. Our incomes are in crisis with drivers falling below the poverty line as global corporations move in to exploit us at an unprecedented scale. Our regulators do nothing to protect us and seem intent on discrimination and making operating conditions more difficult than ever before. The human cost is great with many families under severe strain; absent parents working 90 hours a week and debt levels rising.”