Tuesday, April 16, 2024
On the Road with Mike MurchisonOpinion/Column

A life well lived

Photo: “A life well lived” by Mike Murchison

There are times when we catch ourselves asking the question “Why am I doing this? What is the end result of long days, hard roads and tired bodies?”

Doesn’t matter what we drive, where we go or what we haul. It’s a hard grind.

So is any job, whether you’re in a truck, a bus or pounding the city streets in a taxi. The majority of us blue collar folks have to work.

We do it with skill and with attention to safety, and many of us take pride in what we do.

Yet we get those moments when we get a chance to look at things with a different set of eyes.

On those long nights when the moon is big and showing off. When the stars are out in abundance and the stretch of road you’re on is all yours.

It’s on those nights when you get to witness God’s artwork that the “Why?” doesn’t really seem to matter.

Yah, we know, we do it for the money. Raise a family, pay the bills and maybe sock some away.

But on some nights when the sky, the moon and the road are just right, another question beckons:

“What did you do with your time here?”

Did you spend it just working? One paycheck to another, over and over again? Or did you live?

Bills, inflation, taxes. It can keep you running in circles, missing the greater wealth we should be chasing.

The wealth of a life well lived. A life of meaning.

These moments of star filled skies, big moons and cool night air are a tap on the shoulder to remind all of us – the overworked, the heavy burdened and the weary -that time is short, and we don’t get to choose our final day.

The wealth of kindness and compassion and the love and support of others by far outweighs any tax write-off, big dollar job or race to the top.

Sure, they make life easier, but not as meaningful as the wealth obtained from a life well lived, and the eyes we were given to see the beauty in all (and to overlook the shortcomings of others).

The ears we were given, to hear the voices of others who relish in sharing our time.

The mouth was given to speak words of kindness, compassion and the wisdom we have have gained and can pass on to others.

And the hands….well, they were given so that we might reach out and hold those we love, the family we are out here working to support.

You were given a life. By your choice, you can make it a life well lived.