Monday, July 15, 2024
Montana says "good night." Mike Murchison
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Up where the clouds can bump your hat off

Montana says “Good night.”          Photo: Mike Murchison

Stepped out of the truck after a long day in small town Montana. It’s a little ways above sea level. Up there where the Cottonwood and the Pine trees grow.

Beautiful country.

Because the elevation is up there, the clouds can bump your hat off sometimes, and the stars….well…they just like to show off .

But my point is this: She’s getting cooler at night. Starting be an extra blanket kind of night. That’s okay, but soon, very soon, the frost will set in. The wind (which they call Mariah) will start demonstrating her constant ability to blow a man’s hat off much better than the clouds.

The big trucks will work harder grunting against it. The hills will seem to be longer pulls and the body will feel it at the end of the day.

Time comes to look at what you’re packing for warmth and breakdown contingencies.

Tire chains, Sterno, long johns and extra socks. All part and parcel with the job.

God is good. He don’t give us anything we can’t handle. It’s HOW we handle it that counts.

Frost is coming, followed soon by snow. That is a whole different topic for another day.

Ride Easy, Ride Low

Hug your children, Love your family.

Oh yeah! Say a kind word to a stranger.