Sunday, March 3, 2024
Mike Murchson knows about hard work. Photo: Mike Murchison
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Work separates the doers from the watchers

Hard work! Hard physical work. Long hours behind the wheel. Long hot and freezing hours on my knees, unloading product that has solidified, jammed or just wont flow.

I’ve worked hard. Still am working. My brother worked long hard hours in the cold, the heat and wind.

We were built that way. You start a job. You finish it. Regardless the difficulty. Sometimes you swear. Throw things. Wonder if you’re plain stupid or just crazy for doing it because you got suckered into it.

Regardless. You’re there now. Got to see the job through until its finished.

At times you feel like you’ve been ripped off. Cheated. But that’s okay. You saw it through. You didn’t run off with your tail between your legs with a trophy for participating. You finished with sore muscles, a back on fire with pain. Dust up your nostrils, in your ears and down your throat.

People come along and ‘watched ‘ you are busting your ass. Just watching. Saying things like “You’re crazy. I wouldn’t do that.” That’s what separates us: the ones who complain and watch, from the ones who “do.”

It’s in the “doing” and seeing the job to the end we learn. We learn about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. What we will tolerate and where our breaking point is.

Comfortable and easy can lead to complacency. That doesn’t help anyone.

From where I stand, God has no use for “comfortable.” You don’t grow when you’re comfortable.

Busting your ass. Pushing yourself when you want to quit even when no one is watching. Finishing the job. Oh, there may be something “better” out there. Maybe “easier,” better hours, and more money. Maybe…but you’re here right now, and “maybes” don’t count in the middle of this job.

You walk through the fire, you endure. Sure, you might get angry. You might swear. Even start feeling bitter. But that fire you’re walking through, that hill you’re climbing, or that dirty filthy job you’re dealing with is going to leave you in a better place.

You finished the job. You didn’t quit. Your body hurts like hell but you can walk taller. Hold your head high. You owe nothing to anyone. Except to the one who put the Will and Character in you to see the job through….and by God, you will sleep at night.