Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Mayoralty candidate Giorgio Mammoliti Photo: giorgiointo.com
Media release

Mammoliti plans to abolish property taxes for folks over 80 years old

June 1, 2023 – (TORONTO, ON) – Trailblazing mayoral candidate Giorgio Mammoliti is taking a decisive stand for Toronto’s seniors.

Today, he unveiled a pioneering plan to abolish property taxes for homeowners over the age of 80, reinforcing his commitment to keeping seniors in their homes for as long as possible.

“Families before politics, that’s our motto,” Mammoliti firmly stated. “Our seniors shouldn’t live in fear of being taxed out of their homes during their golden years. Today, we put an end to the oppressive ‘Tory Taxes’ with a policy designed to safeguard our elderly.”

Mammoliti’s bold initiative will lift the burden of property tax from over 277,585 Toronto seniors aged 80 and above, providing financial relief and the freedom to allocate these savings towards essential needs like home care and sustenance.

To offset the anticipated fiscal shortfall, Mammoliti will introduce the Toronto Lottery, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to a Seniors Needs Fund. This strategic move ensures no other demographic bears the burden of this tax relief. By 2024, the age for tax exemption will lower to 75, and by 2025, any homeowner over the age of 70 will be exempt.

In addition, Mammoliti announced plans to establish a Seniors Standing Committee, reaffirming his commitment to giving seniors a stronger voice in city hall.

“Protecting our seniors is about ensuring their stability and affording them the dignity they deserve,” Mammoliti said. “Remember, our competitors like Chow, Saunders, Matlow, Bailao, Hunter, and Bradford would tax our seniors out of their homes. I am the only candidate who will resolutely prevent that.”

Mammoliti’s unyielding stand against ‘Tory Taxes’ underscores his dedication to protect Toronto’s vulnerable and champion a secure future for all. This is just the beginning of his transformative vision for Toronto.

Stay tuned as Giorgio Mammoliti continues to prove why he is not just a candidate, but a guardian, an innovator, and the mayor Toronto needs.