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Truckers for Safer Highways submission to Transport Canada’s Hours of Service consultation

Trucker for Safer Highways have made a submission to Transport Canada’s consultation on amendments to the Hours of Service regulations, including more fines for drivers and carriers. Image: TFSH

Interested parties can submit their thoughts to Transport Canada on amendments to the Hours of Service regulations here:

Submission to: Transport Canada

From: Truckers for Safer Highways

Topic: Proposal to amend Hours of Service Regulation

Today’s date: November 24, 2022

Truckers for Safer Highways is a group of professional truck drivers working actively in Canada’s trucking industry. We agree that safety must be the first priority in the trucking industry, while continuing to support an efficient and productive industry that is a pillar of the North American economy. 

We fail to see the benefit of the time and cost put into the amendments suggested in this proposal to change Canada’s Hours of Service (HoS) regulations.

Time and money are being invested in this proposal to changing a system already in place, already serving the purpose for which it was intended.

  • How are these new changes going to improve in the industry?
  • Do we expect to see fewer infractions/violations because of the proposed changes?
  • Will the proposed changes make our highways safer across this great nation with its ever-changing terrain and weather conditions?
  • What was the need to make amendments to the Hours-of-Service regulations that were already in place? 

It is our belief that a focus on the support and funding that enforcement agencies require to operate to ensure that commercial vehicles and their operators are doing so safely would be a much better allocation of these funds.

For example, Truckers for Safer Highways has been requesting answers for almost two years as to why scales/inspection stations for commercial vehicles are not open on a more regular basis.

These are the most effective tools for enforcement agencies to use in an effort to ensure the commercial vehicle operators are following all safety and operation regulations including HoS regulations already in place. 

We believe that the proposal put forth by Transport Canada will only serve to hinder and hurt drivers and the companies that support our economy in a most fundamental way. We do not see the Benefits to the additional fines suggested in this proposal. As drivers, do not see any of the safety benefits of which we and many others in the industry have been calling for in recent years. 

Without a doubt, changes are needed in the trucking industry. Unfortunately, the changes suggested in this proposal are not in line with the changes and improvements we believe are needed from within the industry.

We are drivers and we see the issues we and the public at large face on the highways on a daily basis. If Transport Canada is interested in our thoughts regarding several changes needed to keep travel on our highways as safe as possible, we would be very willing to have further discussions on these matters at your convenience.

Truckers for Safer Highways does not support the Proposed amendments to the Hours of Service Regulations.