Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Justin Trudeau, Ministers, Senior staff at POEC in final week of hearings

Posted list of witnesses called to testify in the final week of the POEC. Image: POEC

This week, Canada’s prime minister will publicly defend his decision to invoke Canada’s never-before-used emergency powers to end the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa last winter.

Justin Trudeau’s highly anticipated testimony will cap six weeks of hearings at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) on November 25th.

Truckers’ sites and Twitter have been rife with comments from readers who are sceptical Trudeau will actually appear: many are predicting he will be diagnosed with COVID on November 24th.

On November 18, the Canadian Constitution Foundation cross examined two witnesses in the Public Order Emergency Commission (aka the Rouleau Commission). The witness panel was Clerk of the Privy Council Janice Charette, and Jacqueline Bogden, the government’s deputy secretary on emergency preparedness. In this cross examination, the CCF Lawyer Sujit Choudhry asks the witnesses if Cabinet knew that CSIS did not believe the definition of national security threat had been met by the 2022 Freesom Convoy. The witnesses were not able to answer this question.