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Will you get Ontario’s vaccine passport?

When Road Warrior News asked truck drivers if they planned to get Ontario’s vaccine passport, two replied with this image.

On November 3rd, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford announced that Ontario government will not be moving forward in enacting a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for hospital workers. The decision to mandate vaccines will be left with individual hospitals.

This puts residents of the province in the bizarre position of needing a vaccine passport to prove they have had at least two COVID vaccines in order to order a beer in a bar, while having no guarantee that healthcare workers caring for them in hospital have been vaccinated.

Last week, Road Warrior News (RWN) interviewed former Ontario Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian on the vaccine passport and published her incredulous take on the situation: “It is unbelievable to me that we are going through this, and it’s unbelievable to me that so many people are buying into it,” she said.

“Restaurants, concerts, gyms: there’s a link to a physical location and what time you were there. A lot of these places are also asking to see a piece of identification, such as a drivers’ license, so now they also have your home address. It is appalling to me.”

RWN posed these questions to truckers about Ontario’s vaccine passport: have you gotten it? Do you plan to get it? Do you plan to ignore the fact that it exists? How are you managing?

In a total of 40 responses, only two drivers replied that they planned to get the vaccine passport, including one who said “I believe I’m going to have to get it in order to do my job because I cross the border. From what I understand Biden will be insisting we get it as of January.

(The Canadian Trucking Association has released a statement calling for “re-examination” of mandate timelines.)

Clarington trucker Gerry Black is having none of it: “This whole thing is a joke! Nurses worked in hospitals with no jab, and no covid; EMS, Firemen, Police: NO JAB. And how many more have worked in close proximity to it? NOW, they’re they’re going to lose their jobs? Well, thanks a lot government. Now we know how you really feel.”

Diego Guerrera observed, “The reality is, many of us got into trucking due to an adverse reaction to being micro-managed.” The vaccine passport, he says, “has been shown as a method to control the behaviour of the population, not the disease.

“Infections are still prevalent among the vaccinated, albeit, they are less severe infections. That being said, severe or not, a positive test can get you or your business (if you are a sole proprietor) shut down for 14 days and a shot in the arm doesn’t change that. Since there is no perceived medical benefit from getting a shot, the passport is being used to induce a social benefit and micro-manage the population into a taking a shot that they would otherwise avoid,” predicts Guerrera.

Several other respondents replied more bluntly:

”No, no, yes, and great, and best 1.5 years ever.”

“They can shove it up their asses.”

 “Haven’t used it yet, don’t plan on doing so.”

 “No way in Hell.”

Several respondents are suspicious of a larger plan:

 “Nope, I don’t believe any of the government B.S. British Columbia has now approved the 3rd shot to all 11yrs and older and available January 1st…this shitshow is far from over.”

 “It was never about covid. It’s about the jabs. If the Government was concerned about health, they would be giving away free insulin.”

 “It’s communist government. Don’t comply with this, people.”

 “No. This is creating division and hate, in the name of virtue signaling.”

“Communist-Chinese style social credit score is next. With a personalized carbon limit…… Klaus Schwab and world economic forum and the Davos group all openly talk about it. It’s UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.”

“Greatest Democracy in the world? Oh, Canada, is that you? Joke of the universe. Now you know what happened to Germany. Enjoy Great Reset.”

“Come at me with that needle and it will be interpreted as a declaration of war.”

Others see it is simply impractical and/or illogical:

“The app is costing us money, is constantly having issues from what I’ve been told, and very few even use it.”

 “If I don’t need it to shop for groceries and Wal-Mart, I don’t need it.”

“My neighbour’s son was at a McDonald’s the other week and they wouldn’t accept the passport, they wanted actual paper documents. So even though he is double vaxxed he was unable to sit in McDonald’s.”

“I just avoid businesses who ask for it. I don’t support segregation.”

“Nope, will never take the vaccine, I don’t even take medicine when I’m sick let alone take this real unknown bullshit for something I’ve never had.”