Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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ATOOL submission to vehicle for hire review

“We would like to thank the City Toronto for providing age extension for the Taxis and also providing license renewal fee reduction.

We need to be realistic that taxi licence renewal fee in Toronto, as it is one of the highest in the licensing category.We would like to see a proper assessment in comparison to other licensing categories.

The City of Toronto has been experiencing massive congestion due to a number of activities that it is happening here including the introduction of an uncontrolled number of PTC cars on the road, plus implementation of bike lanes and constant construction projects.

In order to reduce congestion you must reduce the numbers of PTCs cars, immediatelyand must do a proper study of the needs of the public for transportation.

Recently, it has come to our attention various fraudulent activities are taking place in the taxi business and these activities will effect the public safety and the public’s trust in the taxi industry. Therefore, we recommend strongly to have enforcement and inspection increase to standard level.

So many taxi licenses are given to the drivers that don’t have any knowledge of the city and the taxi industry. How do you make sure that public safety is met, when these drivers are inexperienced about their business? We recommend a proper training for the new drivers and make taxi driving as professional business.

Through out our observations, we have come up with these suggestion in order to make the changes more effective and provide a safer environment both for the driver and passenger; also, by reducing the numbers of the PTCs on the road you will be able to reduce unwanted emissions.

Thank you.

Behrouz Khamseh, President
Lawrence Eisenberg, Director
Sukhvir Thethi,  Director “

All Taxi Owners & Operators Ltd. Is a duly registered organization created in 2018 to fight the City of Toronto against allowing Private Transportation Companies into our market.