Monday, July 15, 2024
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There’s an App for that: Elections Ontario’s new app will tell you where your polling station is

Photo: RWN

Thursday June 2nd is Election Day in Ontario, and will be your last chance to vote if you have not voted already.

Elections Ontario staff were impressed with the number of residents who took advantage of the Advance Poll voting options, with one district (Northumberland-Peterborough) reported more than 500 voters casting ballots in a 5-hour period last weekend.

“People have gotten used to the idea that they don’t have to wait until Election Day to vote, and they take advantage of it,” one staff person told Road Warrior News. “You would think this would make Election Day less busy, but we won’t actually know until the day comes.”

If you have not already voted in the Advance Polls or by mail-in ballot, locate your local polling station by downloading Elections Ontario’s app, which will provide you with the voting location information specific to your postal code and street number: