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“Never stop learning new things” says new artist

My professional truck driving career evolved when my husband decided he wanted to expand our business and I got my own truck and trailer to drive. 

I had been driving team with him for a few years, learning stuff that the driving schools just don’t have time to teach: proactively driving the freeways and city roads, shifting an 18 speed on mountain roads, and navigating blizzards and icy roads along the way.   

I enjoyed being an entrepreneur finding and negotiating with the brokers for loads and traveling all over North America; every province and State is unique in its own way and that in itself is an education.

 I believe we should never stop learning or experiencing new things in life.  This year I started sketching and discovered a new talent I didn’t know I had. Just before COVID hit, I started eating more healthy; less carbs and sugar and using essential oils for the body aches.  My Japanese Chin dogs Riley and Buddy, the famous white line twins, Riley and Buddy, also get me out to exercise and experience the outdoors. 

This year is a year of new beginnings.  Perhaps a new talent or challenge is sitting on the horizon for you to discover as well.

–Donna Hart-Murchison