Sunday, April 21, 2024

What do Truckers want for Christmas?

What kind of gifts can you give to make a Trucker’s personal space feel more like home? Photo: “Cabin Fever” by Mike Murchison

Road Warrior News conducted an informal survey of over 100 truck drivers and asked the question, “What are the gifts you would most like to receive for Christmas?

Once we got past the fantasy gifts that provided humour and colour but no actual shopping advice (these included “a new job,” “a load home,” “a better dispatcher” and “a day without stupidity”) the majority of suggestions fell into these categories:

  1. Gift cards, especially to chains which have outlets in many cities and in both the US and Canada: coffee, food and gas.
  2. Plug-in cooler, coffee maker, air fryer, microwave. Air fryers got several positive recommendations.
  3. Plug-in electric blanket
  4. The adapters required to use any/all of the plug-in appliances
  5. Organizers for paperwork ranging from a durable accordion folder to a full briefcase, which should be sturdy and equipped with multiple compartments.
  6. High-quality LED flashlight
  7. Warm gloves
  8. Warm socks
  9. Chrome or chrome gift certificates
  10. Lottery tickets
Tim Horton’s gift cards are a perennial favourite. Photo: “Essential Services” by Mike Murichison