GoFundMe seizure of Convoy’s $10M shows Social Credit Banking is already here

Is GoFundMe’s seizure of the Truckers’ funds something to worry about? Does the sun rise in the east? Image: Google Images

Rita Smith

Thanks, GoFundMe for proving the Truckers’ point: Social Credit System banking is already here.

Anyone who thinks the fact that GoFundMe has grabbed the Freedom Convoy’s $10 million dollar fund is a reason for Truckers to ease up in their fight is missing the point COMPLETELY.

The fact that GoFundMe has been able to take this step, at this time, highlights ironically and brilliantly the very reality the Freedom Convoy was created to combat. If Canadians don’t stop this slide to the Chinese Social Credit System of government oversight of banking and every other activity NOW, we will never live free again.

GoFundMe has seized the Convoy’s account because it disagrees with it, without providing any evidence of the violence it claims.

Observers believe political pressure was applied to GoFundMe behind the scenes by the Prime Minister’s Office; Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson called for it blatantly.

On February 4th, in a statement posted to Medium GoFundMe states “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.

“Following a review of relevant facts and multiple discussions with local law enforcement and city officials, this fundraiser is now in violation of our Terms of and has been removed from the platform.”

Road Warrior News has contacted GoFundMe to request specific data on the incidents provided to them by police including Incident or Report numbers and the dates and locations of these incidents.

Meanwhile, the thousands of Canadians who donated to the fund because they wished to support the Truckers’ goals of Freedom for all Canadians and ending COVID mandates have now received this message from GoFundMe: “We don’t like you. We don’t agree with your message or your tactics. Therefore, we are reneging on the agreement we made to collect, hold, and deliver donations made to your group. Take us to court. If you run out of food or fuel while we argue in court, too bad, so sad.”

That’s Social Credit System banking. That is part and parcel of what the Freedom Convoy Truckers are fighting against, on behalf of all Canadians.

On the slippery slope down which politicians are gleefully shoving Canadians, the order of operations goes like this:

  1. Propaganda campaign designed to terrorize citizens into compliance with rules;
  2. Make the rules include vaccinations;
  3. Make proof of vaccination a requirement for the vaccine passport to go anywhere;
  4. Make the passport digital;
  5. Link drivers’ licenses and health cards to the digital passport;
  6. Link information collected for the digital passport/ID to other information including banking information like paycheque deposits;
  7. Eliminate cash and share authority over digital funds with government agencies.
  8. Too awful to think about now.

As of February 5, 2022, we are already at Step #7.

So, what is the Freedom Convoy 2022 protesting?

A world in which government gets to decide what you think; what you do; what you earn; what you spend; and who you see. Government will decide whether or not you deserve a bank account or a mortgage, and if they don’t like you, well, have a happy life outdoors in the cold.

This isn’t a dim, distant dystopian future. This is right here, right now. GoFundMe just made that crystal clear for everyone with eyes to see.