Monday, December 11, 2023
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April 17th Toronto’s first Net Zero virtual info session

As directed by City Council, the City of Toronto has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by the vehicle-for-hire industry to net zero by 2030. A Vehicle-for-Hire Net Zero Working Group, bringing together members of the vehicle-for-hire industry and other stakeholders, was established last year to review possible solutions to guide and support the industry.

After collecting input from various stakeholders, including the working group, and conducting research and analysis, the City has developed a draft regulatory approach on how the vehicle-for-hire industry can achieve the net zero goal.

The Draft Regulatory Approach

City staff are proposing the following in the draft regulatory approach:

-All vehicles used as vehicles-for-hire would be required to be zero emissions as of 2030. Wheelchair accessible vehicles would be exempt from this requirement.

-The age limit for zero emissions vehicles, used as vehicles-for-hire, would be waived, as long as vehicles pass an annual safety inspection.

-Hybrid vehicles would be permitted to be used as vehicles-for-hire until 2032. The seven-year vehicle age limit requirement would still apply.

-The City would consider the needs of the vehicle-for-hire industry when planning and deploying public electric vehicle charging in Toronto.

-The licensing fees for zero emission vehicles-for-hire would be reduced over the next several years, leading up to 2030.

-The City would provide additional education resources on zero emission vehicles for the vehicle-for-hire industry.

-Private transportation companies with over 500 vehicles would be required to offer a pooled-ride option on their platform. Exceptions would be provided for public health emergencies.

How to Submit Feedback

1. Virtual Information Sessions: The City will present the proposed regulatory approach, respond to questions and hear feedback at virtual information sessions on:

2. Online Survey: You are also encouraged to complete the online survey  and submit additional feedback, especially if you are unable to attend the virtual information sessions. The deadline to submit feedback is April 21.

3. Email Feedback: You can also submit feedback by email to [email protected].