Monday, October 2, 2023
Image: National Citizens' Inquiry

Ottawa final hearings of National Citizens’ Inquiry

The National Citizens’ Inquiry is holding its final hearing in Ottawa May 17-19th.

The video link above will be live when the hearings are live, beginning around 9am EST. To view past testimonies or learn more about the NCI, visit the website here.

Among the topics to be examined during the hearings are the World Health Organization’s proposed pandemic treaty, the impact of the COVID response on the economy, media censorship, the origin of COVID and the human cost of vaccine harm. In addition, Pascal Najadi, a triple vaccinated author and former Investment Banker will discuss criminal charges filed in Switzerland and a lawsuit taking place in New York.

Expert witnesses testifying will include:

  • Mr. James Corbett – Investigative Reporter
  • David Freiheit – Lawyer and producer of “VivaFrei” podcast
  • Catherine Austin Fitts – Economist
  • Maurice Gatien – Lawyer
  • Dr. Keren Epstein Gilboa – Phd in Developmental Psychology
  • Ms. Natasha Gonek – Investigator for Self Regulatory Agencies
  • Dr. Kyle Grice – Chiropractor
  • Ms. Anita Krishna – Former Global TV Director
  • Ms. Sheila Lewis – Potential Transplant recipient
  • Dr. Edward Leyton – Family physician
  • Dr. Daniel Nagase – Family physician
  • Mr. Pascal Najadi – Author and former Investment Banker
  • Dr. Stephen Malthouse – Family Physician
  • Dr. Denis Rancourt – Physicist and Covid researcher
  • Dr. Chris Shoemaker – Family Physician
  • Dr. David Speicher – Virologist
  • Dr. Jeff Wilson – Expert in Public Health

The names of private citizens testifying will only be available during the hearings.

The Ottawa venue is:

Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, 
200 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3
Telephone: (613) 288-3450

Update, 8:50am May 18th: Below is text and photos from the NCI Newsletter distributed May 18, 2023

“It’s been a productive and bittersweet journey across our great nation. Our commissioners have heard hundreds of sworn testimonies from doctors, lawyers, law enforcement officers, data analysts, and experts in many fields. Most importantly, hundreds of brave Canadians stepped up to share how their lives were forever changed by the policies and procedures adopted by governments and health authorities. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to those who have taken time to lend their voices and stories to this cause.

NCI Team Quebec May 2023

Our hearings in Quebec concluded this past Saturday, and as with previous hearings, we had three full days of compelling testimony.

Mr. Pierre Chaillot, French Statistician and author of “Covid-19, ce que revelent les chiffres officiels”, spoke to how official government Covid statistics provided to the public were manipulated and based on fraudulent data collection methods. He walked through the misuse of COVID tests, and how they were unable to identify actual illness based on the method of utilization. He pointed out that in France, less than 5% of those who tested positive with a PCR test had proof of actual illness, resulting in a positive test epidemic, and not an epidemic of infectious disease. Be sure to watch his entire testimony here.

Mr. Denis Rancourt, Canadian Scientist, Social Theorist and Researcher at Ontario Civil Liberties Association, explained to the panel how predictions related to COVID deaths made by Canadian government health officials never came to fruition, and how overall all-cause mortality data in Canada did not see a significant increase throughout the COVID period as compared to previous years. Mr. Rancourt provided visuals identifying peaks in all-cause mortality in Canada that coincided with the rollout of the COVID vaccine. If you missed Mr. Rancourt, you can watch his testimony here.

Mr. Denis Rancourt, Witness, Quebec May 2023

Mr. Shawn Buckley, Canadian constitutional lawyer and lead council for NCI, provided explosive testimony about the approval of the COVID vaccine in Canada. Mr. Buckley walked through the normal regulatory drug approval process, including the stringent safety and efficacy reporting requirements that were completely bypassed with the roll out of the covid vaccine. Mr. Buckley made the important point that it appears political motivations – not health motivations – was responsible for the quick approval of COVID vaccines in Canada. Mr. Buckley’s full testimony is available here.

Mr. Shawn Buckley, Witness, Quebec May 2023

Quebec provided us with ample examples of the negative impacts COVID Policy had on Canadians, and on people all over the world. You can access links to watch the entire Quebec hearing on the NCI website, along with clips from witnesses on our Rumble channel.

On Wednesday morning we began our final three-day hearing in Ottawa. The panel will hear from physicians, public health experts, lawyers, investigative reporters, former news media professionals, and many more. We have an impressive lineup of expert witnesses who will be providing unique insights and information from a multitude of professional perspectives. Follow along live on the NCI website, and be sure to share on social media platforms using the hashtag #NCI.”