Monday, July 15, 2024
Lise Vaugeois, MPP for Thunder Bay–Superior North
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Ontario NDP, Truckers for Safer Highways unify in call for action on changes to Truck driver training, testing and enforcement

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP MPP Lise Vaugeois (Thunder Bay-Superior North) and strong advocate for safer roads in Northern Ontario, is once again urging the Ford government to take immediate action following another week of tragic accidents involving truckers in Northern Ontario. This week, a 47-year-old woman lost her life after a crash with a tanker on MR55 in the Greater Sudbury community.

Vaugeois is calling for proper measures to be put in place to protect drivers and keep highways safe. She has been working closely with drivers from Truckers for Safer Highways, who share her concerns. The group is calling for better training for commercial drivers, the staffing of inspection stations 24/7 so that safety regulations can be enforced, and the training of police officers to read electronic logs so that drivers are not driving beyond their permitted number of hours.

Travis McDougall of Truckers for Safer Highways

“Every day, we close our highways for collisions, and someone loses their life at least once a week,” said Vaugeois. “I’ve had dispatchers from Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) write me about these fatalities and ask me how we can stop inexperienced drivers coming through our province.”

Under the current structure, trucking schools can train and then employ those same drivers. Vaugeois is calling for a separation between training schools and employers. The Ontario NDP and Truckers for Safer Highways are calling for Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney to step forward and implement significant changes before more lives are lost.

“We are alarmed at the number of severe, avoidable collisions involving commercial vehicles we see on an almost-daily basis,” said Travis McDougall, Co-Founder of Truckers for Safer Highways. “While these incidents have become increasingly worse in Northern Ontario, it has become a problem throughout the entire country.”

“We cannot continue to lose lives on our highways,” says Vaugeois. “It is time for the government to take action and protect our drivers. We are calling on the Ford government to act now and put the necessary measures in place to keep our highways safe.”