Monday, July 15, 2024
NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk – James Bay)

Truckers for Safer Highways supports Bourgouin bill regulating passing

NDP Bill ‘Chad’s Law’ to outlaw hazardous overtaking  

NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk – James Bay) held a press conference on November 21st to introduce his private member’s bill, ‘Chad’s Law’ (Enforcing Highway Safety). The proposed legislation seeks to make overtaking another vehicle on two solid yellow lines illegal and penalize it.  

Bourgouin was joined by MPP Vaugeois. The two shared the testimony of Chad Bélanger, a constituent who suffered a life-altering accident at the hands of this dangerous maneuver. 

  “Every effort to end head-on collisions involving commercial vehicles should be taken seriously and commended,” said Travis McDougall of Truckers for Safer Highways (TFSH) following Bourgouin’s media event. TFSH released the following supportive statement:

“Truckers for Safer Highways wholeheartedly endorses the implementation of Chad’s Law, as proposed by Member Guy Bourgouin.

Travis McDougall of Truckers for Safer Highways Photo: YouTube

Chad’s Law is named for after a young man who was seriously injured in an accident on the highway between Val Rita and Kapuskasing.

Such accidents may occur because Ontario’s system of warning drivers of unsafe passing using single lines, broken lines, and double lines are tradition, but are not enshrined in law.

In almost every other area of Canada and the United States, the system of using lines as warning is the law. In Ontario, it is just a suggestion. The question arises as to why Ontario has yet to align itself with these neighboring jurisdictions to maintain the highest safety standards for all road users.

Some drivers do not respect the lines and do not feel compelled to obey the warnings.

Today’s legislation marks a crucial step towards deterring drivers from overtaking in hazardous locations, a practice that poses significant risks on our highways. Regrettably, we frequently witness such perilous maneuvers by drivers of all kinds, including fellow truckers.

Chad’s Law promises to equip law enforcement with enhanced tools to address and rectify unsafe driving behaviors, introducing additional consequences for those who recklessly endanger themselves and others on our roads.

Truckers for Safer Highways remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a secure driving environment, and we believe the adoption of Chad’s Law is a crucial stride towards achieving this shared goal. We commend MPP Bourgouin for introducing this Private Members Bill, and we urge the Ford government to support it. We urge all Members to support this initiative to ensure the safety of our highways and the well-being of all those who travel on them.”