Saturday, May 25, 2024
Behrouz Khamseh of ATOOL.
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ATOOL launches petition for “pricing equality” between rideshare, Taxi

Behrouz Khamseh of All Taxi Owners and Operators Limited (ATOOL) has launched a petition calling upon the City of Toronto to “level the playing field” concerning fare rates for different forms of ground transportation. Currently, Taxi rates are set by the City while Uber and Lyft set their own prices, which rise and fall with demand.

“I had a conversation with Councillor Bravo in October,” Khamseh told Taxi News. “She seems open to the idea that there needs to be some kind of consistency in pricing between rideshare and Taxi.”

Mayor Chow has noted on at least two occasions that Toronto’s ground transportation industry is ripe for “review.”

The petition is posted on ATOOL’s website, and Khamseh notes that ATOOL hopes industry member will sign – “the sooner the better,” he notes.

Petition for Fair Pricing and Competitive Equality in Toronto’s Taxi Industry

Dear Taxi Owners and Operators,

We invite you to sign this petition, which advocates for a level playing field in the transportation industry between traditional taxis and PTC companies (PTCs) in the city of Toronto.

The current disparity in charging rates has significantly impacted the taxi business, eroding fair competition and leading to its decline in our city. To address this issue, we are urging the city to implement uniform pricing between taxis and PTCs and eliminate surge charge pricing practices.

Reasons to Sign:

Help Restore Fair Competition:

The existing difference in pricing has created an uneven playing field, diminishing fair competition in the transportation sector. We believe that uniform pricing will contribute to a more competitive and sustainable industry.

Help Revitalize the Taxi Business:

The taxi industry has faced substantial challenges due to the pricing gap. By establishing equal rates, we aim to rejuvenate the taxi business, fostering a healthier and more diverse transportation ecosystem in Toronto.

Help Protect Consumer Interests:

Standardizing rates will benefit consumers by eliminating confusion and ensuring consistent pricing across various transportation services at any time of day or night. This will enhance transparency and empower consumers to make informed choices.

We kindly ask for your support in signing this petition to urge the city to implement equal charging rates for taxis and PTCs, without the inclusion of surge pricing. Together, we can create a more equitable and thriving transportation industry in Toronto.

Thank you for your support.”