Friday, July 19, 2024
Tom Marazzo's book "The People's Emergency Act" is available through Amazon. It became an overnight best seller when it was released in early September.

Truckers’ Freedom Convoy was not about vaccines; it was about Canada’s abandonment of the Rule of Law

“The People’s Emergency Act” becomes overnight bestseller

Updated September 8, 2023 with Amazon information

Freedom Convoy key player Tom Marazzo’s new book may confirm the worst fears of concerned Canadians: that our vaunted Charter of Rights and Freedoms is actually just a fig-leaf, protecting nothing at all.

On September 6th, “The People’s Emergency Act” became available as a hardcover book (paperback and e-book to follow shortly). In it, Marazzo provides engrossing behind-the-scenes coverage on how the 2022 Truckers’ Freedom Convoy came to be and, more importantly, what it meant about the future of Canada.

“The Freedom Convoy was not about vaccines,” Marazzo says.  “It was a protest against the fact that Canada’s government was abandoning the very Rule of Law upon which it was founded.”

That Canadians heard and read and believed that the Freedom Convoy was only about the vaccine mandate was a giant communications success for the Trudeau government and its strategy of paying off mainstream media, Marazzo points out.

“Most of the Truckers were actually already vaccinated, but they joined in protesting government violation of citizens’ rights to security of the person, which they believed was promised by Section 7 of the Charter.”

Freedom Convoy Trucks in Ottawa, February 2022. Photo: Donna Laframboise

By describing both the whirlwind of chaos and the incredible acts of generosity and kindness behind the scenes of the Freedom Convoy and the Public Order Emergency Commission that followed it, he hopes Canadians will see through some of the lies perpetrated by mainstream media and the Trudeau government.

“Understanding the recent past is crucially important to Canada’s future,” he points out. “Are we ready for what comes next? What if it’s worse than what just happened? In 2019, we thought the Charter protected us. Now we know it does not. What’s next?”

A retired military professional with extensive background in battle planning, negotiations and communications, Marazzo was surprised to find himself a key player in the 2022 Truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

“The Convoy took place because every other important institution in civil society failed us, completely and catastrophically,” Marazzo points out bluntly.

“Virtually everyone buckled, the churches, the police, the doctors, education, the entire court system. Even the public service labour unions toed the government line rather than fight for the rights of their own dues-paying membership.

“We just had the greatest intrusion ever into our lives by government, the greatest trampling of our rights ever endured in Canadian history – it was unprecedented, even in wartime. Yet there’s not a single court decision to put a break on any level of government going forward from not just doing it again, but even going further,” he says.

As family man with many life-long friendships, Marazzo was also astonished to watch Canadians turn their backs on family members who held differing opinions on a medical procedure.

“It was incredible to see children rejecting parents, siblings shunning siblings, relationships decimated over a medical procedure,” he says. “Never before had I seen people decide to believe strangers, government spokespersons and media reports over the family members they had trusted an entire lifetime. It makes you wonder about the design and magnitude of the propaganda that made that possible.”

In summarizing the book, Marazzo writes, “I have often reflected on why I got that call on the morning of January 30th, 2022. I know more experienced retired officers, who would have done a much better job than me. But, for some reason, I’m the one who got the call and so be it.

“I went because I felt a very profound sense of duty to go there and fight for the future of my two children. That’s the only reason I went.

“It was, and still is, for them.”

“The People’s Emergency Act” is now available through Amazon.