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Tom Marazzo's book "The People's Emergency Act" is available through Amazon. It became an overnight best seller when it was released in early September.

Truckers’ Freedom Convoy was not about vaccines; it was about Canada’s abandonment of the Rule of Law

“The People’s Emergency Act” becomes overnight bestseller Updated September 8, 2023 with Amazon information Freedom Convoy key player Tom Marazzo’s new book may confirm the worst fears of concerned Canadians: that our vaunted Charter of Rights and Freedoms is actually

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"Confessions of a Hamilton Cab Driver" by Hans Wienhold is now availabe on Amazon. Image: Amazon
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A bullshit detector and a sense of humour make life bearable

Probably no one, not even his biggest fans, would put him in the same class of writers as Ernest Hemingway. However, as a Bullshit Detective, Hans Wienhold is in a class of his own. (In fact, in his Taxi News bio he proudly describes himself as a “Welfare Recipient at Senior’s Welfare; Self-Employed; and also, a Climate Scientist at BS Detective Services.”)

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Letters of gratitude to Freedom Convoy Truckers preserved in kids’ book by Donna Laframboise

There were lots of grandfathers and grandmothers at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last January.

Author Donna LaFramboise wants Canadians to know their stories, and so her book/website project “Opa’s Convoy Letters” was born: “I want to make sure kids know: whatever else you might have heard, when your grandfather went to went to Ottawa, people told him he was a hero.”

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Launched to the public November 2nd, Whitby's "self-driving shuttle" pilot project made a 6 kilometre loop from the GO station around to the lakeshore, through residential and industrial areas. Running in live traffic lanes in real, unpredicatable traffic conditions, it had a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour and did not operate in heavy rain or snow. Photo: Colin Williamson
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Whitby’s “self-driving” shuttle suspended following incident in which vehicle jumps curb, hits tree

December 18th update: Durham Region Transit has suspended operation of its “self-driving” shuttle project following an incident on December 16th. Photos published by Durham Radio News showed the shuttle had jumped a curb and hit a tree.

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