Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Canadians will be at bridges, overpasses to support Truckers’ convoys

Convoy supporters line the bridge in Langley. Photo: Pat King Facebook Jan. 24

Canadians are headed to the bridges and overpasses to support Truckers protesting COVID mandates this week, Road Warrior News has learned.

Bowmanville resident Sharon Bonnycastle

“I am going to be out there on the overpass with my Canadian flag,” says Sharon Bonnycastle of Bowmanville, Ontario. Bonnycastle’s 93-year-old father worked as a trucker his entire life. “I hope everyone will be on the overpasses to support the Truckers who are fighting for our rights. Our Constitution says we have a right to decide what goes into our bodies; Truckers are fighting for that. I want them to see that we support them.”

Residents and citizens have made an important ritual of standing on the 401 overpasses as a sign of respect for fallen soldiers during repatriation motorcades in the past decades; doing something similar in protest is a fairly new idea.

“Yes, people have told us they will be out with their Canadian flags to wave to the convoys,” confirms Ben Peters of ADT Transportation, which is helping to organize the convoy driving around the Windsor area on January 23rd. That convoy will leave Windsor to head to Ottawa later in the week, and “weather permitting” expects to pass through the Oshawa/Port Hope area late Thursday afternoon.

Convoys of Truckers from across Canada expect to converge on Ottawa on Saturday, January 29th.