Friday, July 19, 2024

The Ripple Effect

Photo: “What lies ahead” Mike Murchison

We have seen a lot of changes in the last while on our planet, all in the name of freedom that spread around the world; all this in the middle of winter.

The protests across the country have rallied many Canadians to a fevered patriot pitch.

    In the US, American truckers are getting registered for a protest convoy to Washington, where military-grade fencing barriers have been placed around the Whitehouse and the capital building. No doubt, this is a precautionary measure due to the January 6th 2021 insurrection.

   With truckers planning a Freedom Convoy to Washington, and the protests here in Canada winding down, I can’t help but ask myself: will it matter? Will the American Freedom Convoy have the impact that the Canadian convoy did?

   Here’ some of what was created inadvertently from the freedom convoys here in Canada.

Canadians became more involved in their democratic process.

Canadians began to see how slanted mainstream media can be.

Canadians realized that “point, click, deliver” only happens when the supply chain network has its wheels on the ground.

  Canadians also got to witness the WTF moments at the grocery store, the gas pumps and pretty much everywhere else they exercised their consumer urges.

   So, will we see the same in the US with their convoy? Will they experience the high cost of freedom in their wallets the way Canadians have?

  I myself see it inch up day after day while running down here into Idaho and Montana.

   It would be safe to conclude that now that Russia has decided to walk into the Ukraine and show its might, the cost of everything will continue to rise. Surely, in Europe and as well North America.

   With the onslaught of the Ukraine invasion, will the US Freedom Convoy even make front page news? Will it have the effects it desires? One effect it will surely have been provide reasons for further price increases due to a supply chain breakdown.

   You pile the convoy on top of an increasingly deteriorating situation in eastern Europe there is only one place for the cost of living to go. 

   There is no question. The accuracy of the statement that has been heard for years is spot on: there is a cost to freedom.