Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act as bank accounts close, before Senate vote

At 4:10 pm on February 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revoked the Emergency Act for which he argued passionately only 48 hours before.

Liberal insiders and observers tell Road Warrior News there were two pressing reasons for Trudeau’s about face: first, the damage being done to the Canadian banking system through the credibility lost when Canada began seizing and freezing bank accounts with no court orders.

Second, is the idea that the Senate might actually vote not to support the Emergencies Act, or might vote “yes” by such a small margin it would embarrass Trudeau.

Trudeau called a late-day press conference on short notice yesterday to make his announcement. Blacklock’s Reporter writes,

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at 4:10 pm announced cabinet’s declaration of a national emergency was suspended. “What is different now?” asked a reporter. ‘We have now seen and been assured by our police forces in jurisdictions across the country they have sufficient tools,’ replied Trudeau.

“Suspension of the national emergency came just 44 hours after cabinet won a Commons vote ratifying the declaration. ‘What changed in the last two days?’ asked a reporter. ‘Normal tools available to our police are sufficient,’ replied Trudeau.”

Trudeau was not pressed on the fact that these tools were also available when the House of Commons voted on Monday to confirm the Emergencies Act. The Senate debate was occurring as he spoke at the press conference, and speakers like Senator Denise Batters of Saskatchewan (see video, above) were stridently opposed to his invocation of the Act.