Monday, July 15, 2024
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RWN on Lead Pedal Radio, January 11, 10am

Rita and Bruce, together again! At least for a day.

Road Warrior News publisher Rita Smith will be the guest on Lead Pedal Radio to talk about “The 10 groups that had to fail at their jobs to make the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy necessary.”

The program, hosted by Bruce Outridge, will start at 10am, Wednesday January 11th and can be accessed at this link:

The short list of groups that failed to do the jobs they get paid to do – requiring Truckers to step up and do the job for them – for them include:

  • Opposition politicians
  • Public service bureaucrats and officials
  • Labour organizations
  • Legal associations
  • Ottawa-funded scientists, universities and academics

Tune in at 10am January 11th to hear more.