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Ottawa Police, OPP invited to join Concerned Canadians Coalition in June 30 march in Ottawa: “It’s going to be a celebration of partnership”

James Topp Photo: Canada Marches

Canadian Forces reservist James Topp arrived in Ottawa on June 22nd to meet with almost two dozen Members of Parliament, and to ask them to support his mission.

Topp walked more than 4000 across Canada from Vancouver to bring attention to protest COVID vaccine mandates. He will march to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, on June 30th.

“These government policies deny employment to people who make their own medical decisions. They discriminate and divide society in two. They are based upon a government narrative unsubstantiated by scientific evidence,” Topp said in the preamble to the meeting.

Full video coverage of the days’ meeting is available on the Events page of the Canada Marches website.

Below are brief transcript excerpts of the segment of the meeting during which remarks were delivered by James Topp; Canadian Forces Veteran Tom Marrazzo; and Dr. Paul Alexander. All three men are members of the newly formed Canadian Citizens’ Coalition.

James Topp: “What we intend to do on Canada Day is celebrate Canada”

“On June 30, we will visit The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and I’m going to be able to look at myself and look at the members of my team, in my heart that there were a group of Canadians who came here, under the common belief of what veterans did, what they sacrificed for the democratic principles that this society was built on. I want to make that perfectly clear to everybody. What happens on July the first is Canada Day, and what we intend to do on Canada Day is celebrate Canada.

“So, I would like to extend an open hand to members of the Ottawa police services, the Ontario Provincial Police, and let them know this very clearly, that if we are able to work together and facilitate this march, then it’s going to be something to be a part of, it’s going to be a celebration of that partnership.

“If they are able to help us direct traffic, if they are able to help us manage the crowds, because this is what this country needs to see. It needs to see all of us together on the day before Canada Day, honouring our veterans, and celebrating the end of this journey.

“What’s going to happen in the summer is undetermined. However, what I would like to see, with the establishment of the Canadian’s Citizen Coalition is for us to have further conversation about the way forward about the wave of the future, of what we see candidate being and becoming. And I would like to have further constructive conversations about that. That is the extent of what I see happening in the summer. And I am extending this invitation to you all right here right now.”

Tom Marazzo: “We’re going down a very dark path in this country”

“This meeting, like I said in the opening remarks, is five months overdue. So, I do want to thank you all for actually participating in this. I was asking for it in January. It’s been a difficult journey for all of us. We are an apolitical organization, we’re not interested in tipping the balance for one party over another. That’s not our interest.

“What our interest is, is repairing Canada, we want you to be a partner. We want the Government of Canada to be a partner to that end. But we are growing, the citizens of Canada are getting behind all of our various organizations. And if you’ve looked at the list of organizations that are on there, they’re very well professional credentialed organizations. We want to partner with the Government of Canada, one way or another.

“We’ve got to repair this country. It’s a mess. It is an absolute mess. I recently campaigned, and the stories that I heard personally, while I was campaigning as an MPP candidate in Peterborough were unbelievably disturbing. The stories that I had heard while I was here in January and February as part of the Freedom convoy, were things that will haunt me forever.

“We need help, we need to read balance, where we are politically in this country in terms of we need a partnership with the government. We need it. It’s getting critical. James has been to a civil war. I’m not saying that that’s what’s going to happen here. But there’s a lot of similarities that are you know, pre-civil wars around the globe, if you look at your history. We don’t want that here.

“We’re going down a very dark path in this country. And we need help. And we need you guys. We really need you guys. We’re not political. We’re not political. We’re not politicians. We don’t understand the world that you guys operate at. We really don’t. But we need you guys to come to our site. We need help.”

Dr. Paul Alexander: “We need to come together as a society”

“Could I just say something to end here? You know, I want to just make it a little more when I say personnel to really understand something James just said, you know, we and Tom, we need to come together as a society.

“I told you already. I voted for a Prime Minister Trudeau in the prior election, not this one prior one. So, this is not about politics for me. But it was some things that doomed to pandemic response across the world.

“The United States, principally, led the lockdowns first and doomed to Canadian pandemic response. And it was this philosophy that it scared Canadians. This is why we need to come together and heal because this is a thing we need to be healed over.

“Public health told Americans and rest of the world follow that we will all have an equal risk of severe outcome if exposed. And it was that one statement that doomed the US response, because they try to tell you and me and us, the 10-year-old Johnny, who was at the prime of his life, well and healthy, was at the same risk as 85 year-old-granny with four underlying medical conditions.

“It drove parents and people crazy, and our reactions were seen as irrational, illogical and absurd. Societal members began to hate each other and mistreat each other. I saw it when we were living in Markham. I saw it amongst my friends, people were calling the cops calling the public health needlessly, because everyone thought that you saw Johnny without his mask, that that was a crazy situation when Johnny was no risk.

We knew one month out in April of 2020, that COVID was amenable to risk stratification. And we knew that your baseline risk told us that a young healthy person, infants, children, teenagers, young people, middle aged people all the way up to 70 or 75 years old, healthy with no major medical conditions were not needing aggressive medical care. We knew that your chance of survival (of COVID) was 99.998 per cent.”

The following list of Conservative MPs who attended the Concerned Canadians’ Coalition meeting with James Topp was compiled by CTV:


  •  Marilyn Gladu
  •  Arnold Viersen
  •  Dean Allison
  •  James Bezan
  •  Melissa Lantsman
  •  Dan Muys
  •  Ted Falk
  •  Leslyn Lewis
  •  Alex Ruff
  •  Jeremy Patzer
  •  Jamie Schmale
  •  Martin Shields
  •  John Barlow
  •  Ryan Williams
  •  Warren Steinley
  •  Damien Kurek
  •  Gerald Soroka
  •  Scott Davidson
  •  Chris Warkentin
  •  Corey Tochor
  •  Tako van Popta
  •  Cheryl Gallant
  •  Kerry-Lynn Findlay