Monday, July 15, 2024
"Rubber meets the road" -- photo by Mike Murchison

ELOG review: “It’s like having your mother sitting in the passenger seat”

Alberta trucker Mike Murchison took a break near the Manitoba-Ontario border this week to do a livestream to fans and friends and followers, which included a brief summary of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) he uses.
“It’s kind of like having your mother sitting in the passenger seat, telling you when to stop, telling you when to go to bed,” he laughs. “I like it, because I’m getting my sleep. It’s an improvement, for me.”
The use of ELDs has been mandatory in the U.S. since December 18, 2017 and, as of June 12, 2021, will be required for federally-regulated motor carriers in Canada although enforcement is being phased in over a year. To read the full Miller-Thompson brief on Transport Canada’s new ELD mandate, visit this link.