Monday, October 2, 2023
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3 times a charm for Mississauga? Reduction in business license fees including Taxi and Limo June 2nd after 2 deferrals

The proposal to reduce Business Fees including Taxi, Limo, Tow Truck and auto service station fees, which has been deferred twice now, is scheduled to be debated at Mississauga Council today. 

The Agenda for the June 2nd meeting can be found here: 

A May 12th corporate report outline options which range from 0 percent reduction to a 50 per cent reduction, which would reduce Taxi license fees from $480 to $240 if passed. The Corporate Report outlining options for reduction in fees can be found here:

May 12 Corporate Report

Readers who wish to view the live General Committee meeting can access the video livestream here:

Mississauga Council video livestream

Comments in the corporate report note that, “Regulations implemented by the Ontario Government under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and subsequently the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to Covid -19) Act 2020, have at various times strictly limited, or required the closure of various business types. These actions also had a significant impact on businesses who, while not specifically identified in the regulations, have suffered due to the subsequent general slowing of the economy.”