Monday, October 2, 2023

Laugh a Little

Yes, the news is important and serious. But geez, can we laugh a little now and then? It’s good for your mental health, which is very serious.

Striking PSAC workers "take" the Portage Bridge on April 28th. Photo: Rob Primo, Twitter
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Striking workers “take” the Portage Bridge in Ottawa; no riot cops, police horses in sight

The ongoing occupation of Wellington Street and other parts of downtown Ottawa by striking Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) workers is providing a source of ironic humour on social media. “PSAC is taking the Confederation Bridge!” reports “Far Right

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Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford at the April 21st 2023 announcement that Canada will invest as much as $13 billion in the Volkswagen battery plant in St. Thomas, Ontario.
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Epic levels of propaganda, spin at Volkswagen presser

The April 21st press conference announcing that Canada and Ontario are funneling billions of dollars to Volkswagen for a new battery plant in St. Thomas was an epic event.

It wasn’t just epic for the number of times politicians got to use the word “epic,” which they used an epic number of times.

It wasn’t even epic considering the truly impressive ease with which politicians can prattle on for minutes while saying exactly nothing, or the skill with which politicians can shamelessly make statements that have no basis in reality (whoops, at least 10 jurisdictions have a higher growth rate than Ontario. Someone alert Doug Ford.)

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"I started hauling cattle from feedlots to a processing plant in Utah about 2 months ago. It's hard work and I’m not sure why I’m doing it at my age. But I like a challenge. I also like working with animals." Photo: Mike Murchison
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Humility, and all that crap…

Loading cows into a trailer (a semi-confined space) is not natural to them. They get nervous and anything to calm them down helps.

Me! I talk to them, sing to them. Treat ‘em like I’d want to be treated. Then when I have them loaded, I ease on the accelerator, softly on the brake, gently round the curves.

We don’t want any cows falling. That’s called a ‘downer’. And if one goes down it can get trampled by the others. I’ve been lucky or smart. None down on my loads.

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The climate con is reaching epidemic proportions

The climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years and it will keep on changing for the next 4.5 billion years. Climate change is not going away. And if you think a bunch of politicians who can’t run a passport office, or prevent raw sewage from flowing into Lake Ontario for decades, have the ability to control the climate, then you’re really not very bright.

Another thing that isn’t going away is the Climate Change con. In fact, it’s escalating. If we, the people, don’t start pushing back on this monumental scam NOW, it may soon be too late. Ignore the BS in the Junk News media that is obviously ratcheting up the false alarm, with the clear intention of making the taste of the open prison life we endured during the scamdemic lockdowns permanent.

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There is no mistake: Tim Hortons owes winners $10,000 – don’t get fished in by their sob story

The astonishing saga of Tim Horton’s attempt to evade paying out $10,000 Roll up the Rim to Win prizes is anti-Canadian.

What’s astonishing is not that Tim’s claims that because a mistake was made, they are not paying out. The astonishing part is that Canadians are shrugging and accepting this blasphemous idea without protest.

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Purolator employees who refused to share their medical information with the corporation (90 per cent owned by Canada Post) were sent home without pay, and many were then fired. Photo: Vince Favreau
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Ontario claims it never mandated COVID shots while Canada quietly backs down on boosters

Now starts the COVID gaslighting: hold onto your sanity, citizens. Governments want you to understand that everything you believed they were telling you about COVID shots and mandates for the past three years is wrong. You heard it wrong. You understood it wrong. You are misremembering things.

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