Saturday, May 25, 2024
British YouTube viewers are confused about the purpose of Uber's new ad advertising trains. Image: YouTube
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Trains: now on Uber

“Why?” viewers ask

A new 30-second Uber ad promoting the app for people taking trains has UK viewers scratching their heads in confusion this week.

The spot features an enthusiastic young man approaching a train conductor to confirm that he is getting on the right train. “We’re just waiting for one more person,” he cheerfully informs the incredulous conductor.

For Toronto Councillors like Mike Colle and Nick Mantas, who spent a good deal of time November 9th discussing the fact that the Toronto Transit Commission is losing money and can not afford to deliver new services, the concept of “Uber trains” should set alarm bells ringing. Reports indicate that 40 per cent of the business Uber attracted when it arrived in Toronto came from the TTC; should Uber target TTC or GO train services directly, as appears to be depicted in this new ad, that situation could only get worse.

Viewers of the British ad, however, generally seemed to find the idea of booking a train ride through Uber to be nonsensical.

“Your own ad points out how pointless this is,” notes Aaron Williamson.

“Is this April fools in November?” comments another.

“I like that we have adverts showing how brain-washed Uber powers users are,” observes S. Thomas.

“Trains, now on Uber” is an “awkward campaign” and the work of creative agency Mother, according to The Drum news. “The campaign leans into unique behaviors synonymous with using its app, like the embarrassing wave to the driver or the way you confirm you’re getting into the right car,” Drum explains.