Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Image: United We Roll Canada/Facebook

Canadians protest carbon tax, MP raises; new convoys include Farmers and Truckers

Yesterday, citizens across Canada again took to bridges and highways in protests reminiscent of the 2022 “Freedom Convoy.” In many areas, Farmers joined Truckers with their agricultural vehicles.

April 1st 2024 marked not only a 23 per cent increase to the carbon tax rate but also the day federal Members of Parliament received a 4.2 per cent pay raise.

All members of Parliament received a raise Monday, ranging between $8,500 and $17,000, depending on their role. A backbench MP’s salary is now $203,100. A minister’s salary is $299,900, and the prime minister’s salary is $406,200.

 “MPs are taking more money out of Canadians’ pockets and stuffing more money into their own and that’s wrong,” said the taxpayer advocacy group’s federal director, Franco Terrazzano. “MPs should be providing tax relief, not hiking taxes and their own pay.”