Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Vaccine passports

Retired Taxi driver Hans Weinhold achieved some degree of notoriety a few years ago when he got his name on a list of “scientists” protesting climate change, offering hope to everyone who ever wanted a career in science but lacked any actual scientific credentials. 
by Hans Weinhold
After I was blown away by Ayn Rand back in ’74 or so, I was hungry for more info on capitalism. I went to the library to look for some of the books she referenced in “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.” Of course, there were none. Plenty of Marx and its derivatives, but little else.
Then I came across a book by Milton Friedman called, “Capitalism and Freedom,” so I borrowed it and read it. There was an entire chapter on Occupational Licensing (ix) which, given my brain was still rather fresh, I was able to absorb quite well. Given that I was an ultra-radical laissez-faire purist at the time, I found Friedman to be a little too wishy-washy for my taste but he was still worth reading. And of course, he evolved over the years and just got better and better.
Not long after that, I decided to try out cab driving. The procedure was to fill out a form and take it to the cop shop. They would do a background check and a couple of days later, and a $10 fee, I was a licensed cabbie. Over the years the requirements became increasingly onerous until they introduced that fucked-up taxi school circa 2008.
The same thing went for getting a security guard license. Security guard was a minimum wage job involving a similar licensing procedure. There were ALWAYS ads for security guards in the help wanted sections of the papers. It was a reliable fallback for people down on their luck.
A friend and I applied to Base-Fort security in Edmonton in 1978 because they were offering $5 per hour to guard the Commonwealth Games athlete’s village against terrorists — a fucking joke — there was nothing we would have been able to really do if professional terrorists were going to launch an attack.
When my friend and I went to the Edmonton cop shop to get our licenses, he got arrested for failure to appear warrant for some other matter. That was hilarious. Anyway, I got the job and stayed on for a few weeks until I got a call from my friend, who had disappeared, and was now down in Taber working on an oil rig. He told me they had a job there for me if I wanted so I quit without notice and hitchhiked down to Taber that night. (I didn’t feel bad about quitting without notice. After a week or so in the guard job, I learned from the other guards that none had been paid yet, some for months.)
Fast forward to the G20 in Toronto in 2010. Just prior to that, the McDicksplint government in Ontario changed the licensing rules for security guards as well, requiring schooling to get a security guard license.
So, first, they license, and then, once they have their hands around your balls, mission creep sets in and they start to behave as if they own you.
Their insatiable hunger never satisfied in their pursuit of dominance and control, politicians are now widening their scope in an effort to put EVERYONE under their thumbs.
Now the issue is immunization passports, which is really just a different word for the same thing – universal licensing.

Hans Weinhold is listed in his Bio as simultaneously a Welfare Recipient at Senior’s Welfare; Self-Employed; and also, a Climate Scientist at BS Detective Services.