Monday, July 15, 2024
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Serious business at the US-Canada border

Photo: “A long line at Customs” by Mike Murchison

Highway 52 at Portal, North Dakota/North Portal, Saskatchewan  border crossing.   I was questioned by three US Customs  officers who were sitting on  fold up chairs eating  freezies. Something to do with the heat.   Dialogue went like this:  

Customs officer (mouth full of freezie): Where you headed?

ME: Calgary.

Customs officer: Where’d you come from?

ME: Detroit.

CUSTOMS OFFICER: Buy anything?

ME: Nope.  

Silent pause…

ME: Can I have one of them freezies?


ME: Got any ice cream?

CUSTOMS OFFICER: Nope, but I got a pair of rubber gloves.

ME: Have a good day.