Monday, February 26, 2024

Uber’s text message to its California drivers

Here is the text message Uber’s Head of Ridesharing, Andrew MacDonald, sent  on August 21. It was provided to Road Warrior News by an active California Uber driver:

“Hello, Many of you will have read the news that a county judge ruled that Prop 22 is unconstitutional.

I wanted you to hear from me that we believe this decision is both wrong and legally flawed. In fact, we don’t believe there’s ever been a successful case overturning a ballot initiative in this way.

We know this creates uncertainty for you, so I wanted to update you on what will happen next: we will appeal this ruling, and we expect to win.

In the meantime, nothing has changed. Prop 22 remains in effect, including all of the protections and benefits it provides independent workers like you, like guaranteed minimum earnings, injury protection, and more.

It’s also important to say that this ruling does not reclassify drivers and delivery people as employees—preserving the flexibility and independence you have repeatedly told us you value.

Thank you for driving and delivering with Uber. We will keep you updated as this process unfolds.

Andrew MacDonald

Head of Ridesharing Operations”