Friday, July 19, 2024
TTSAO president Phil Fletcher addressed industry at the 2024 conference on February 29. Photo: RWN

TTSAO announces CVTA affiliation for instructor training

Adult Education component special area of focus

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is working with the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) on a unique version of CVTA’s Instructor Certification Program.

“Over or the past few years, we have heard of legislation being introduced in the near future regarding requirements in the Entry Level Training program for Driver Trainer certification. TTSAO has decided to move forward now, without waiting any further,” Ken Adams, Chair of the TTSAO told Road Warrior News.

“We believe that the better the Driver Trainer is, the better the final product, which is our students; and the safer the highways will be for all road users. I’m very excited about this partnership with CVTA. It raises the bar of our member schools once again.”

“We’re just working out the last few details and I think in the next 60 to 90 days, the schools that are here will be able to start sending instructors for instructor certification,” TTSAO president Phil Fletcher told the conference room full of member schools at the February 29 conference.

“That is going to be done online, and this is the this is the element for adults that has been missing. In the new requirements coming down for entry-level training, Adult Education will be a component that will be necessary. So we are addressing it without waiting any further.”

Andrew Poliakoff, Executive Director of CVTA was not able to attend the TTSAO’s “Quantum Leap” conference, but sent an announcement letter to be shared with attendees.

“In line with our commitment to excellence in training, I am excited to announce that TTSAO and CVTA are exploring the opportunity to partner with TTSAO on a unique version of CVTA’s Instructor Certification Program,” Poliakoff’s letter read.

“The Instructor Certification Program is a highly regarded educational tool designed to equip exceptional commercial drivers with the skills and knowledge to become exceptional instructors.

“By providing access to this program, we hope to empower TTSAO’s schools with the resources they need to cultivate a new generation of skilled and safety-conscious commercial drivers in Ontario and throughout Canada.

“Together, through collaboration and education, we can continue to raise the bar for training standards and promote safer roads for all.”