Monday, July 15, 2024
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Toronto looks for 70 new red light cameras, new designated zones at Council October 1st

Toronto Councillor John Filion, hopes to see the city designate new areas as eligible for Red Light Cameras as it moves to implement a 2017 decision to add 70 additional red light cameras.  
Filion has submitted a Notice of Motion for Council meetings scheduled on October 1st and 4th requesting that City Council ask Transportation Services to report on an implementation plan to expand the areas eligible for placing Automated Speed Enforcement cameras.   This would be in conjunction with reports on expanding the number of cameras in use, and addressing measures such as designating all Senior Safety Zones as Community Safety Zones, making them eligible for Automated Speed Enforcement deployment.
In 2020, the City of Toronto began its rollout of 50 Automated Speed Enforcement cameras using photo and radar technologies to more consistently apply penalties to speeding drivers.   These 50 cameras allowed 227,322 tickets to be issued to vehicles between July 6, 2020 and July 5, 2021 in various school zones.  
In addition to increasing the number of cameras, Toronto also seeks to expand the number of locations in which Automated Speed Enforcement cameras are eligible for placement.  The current Automated Speed Enforcement program places cameras only in designated school zones. Toronto could seek to identify additional areas, such as existing Senior Safety Zones, to be designated to make them eligible for Automated Speed Enforcement deployment and protection.