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The dancers perform at Scarborough City Cabs 30th Anniversary event. Photo: SCC
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Scarborough City Cab celebrates 30 years

Serving the community, building a team like “family” best part of business

The team from Scarborough City Cabs and Toronto 1 Taxi gathered to celebrate the organization’s 30th Anniversary on January 27th at the Woodbine Banquet Hall. All photos by SCC and Earla Phillips

Scarborough City Cabs celebrated its 30th anniversary on January 27th, and a large crowd of staff and team members joined the party to celebrate at Woodbine Banquet Hall.

“We hope everyone had a wonderful time,” says Gurjeet Dhillon of Scarborough City Cab (SCC). “It was nice to see everyone dressed to impress.”

Vehicle owners and operators brought their families and mixed and mingled with old and new friends. It was a great chance to socialize with the dispatch team, Dhillon says. “There was lots of food, raffle prizes, and a bhangra dance performance. Everyone had a chance to show off their own dance moves.”

Xavier Alex receiving the Operator of The Year award, for Scarborough City Cab.

Mr. Rachhpal Singh, President, addressed the crowd thanking them for all their dedication and hard work. He shared how 30 years ago he took over Scarborough City Cab with a dream to build and grow the taxicab company. He is really proud of where SCC is today, as the many people who started on the journey with him have remained an integral part of the team and we have added many new faces. His goal was not just to build a business, but to develop friendships and relationships with each member and operator while providing exceptional service.

“We are proud to see that this goal has been realized even beyond our imagination as many of those who joined have remained and we have created a family-like atmosphere at Scarborough City Cab,” Singh told attendees.

“The success and growth is only possible due to the commitment to excellence of all SCC group members. While everyone deserves to be recognized for delivering amazing service, we have selected the top performers for their exceptional service. These individuals served thousands of customers each, had no complaints, drove safely and received commendations.”

Toronto 1 Taxi’s Operator of the Year, Harvinder Singh. Also in the photo: Gurjeet Dhillon, Harjas Dhillon, Rachhpal Singh, and Abdul Mir.

Scarborough City Cabs 2023 award-winning operators :

  1. Xavier Alexander A-1220: Operator of the Year 
  2. Nimal Singarajah 4245: Top Performing Operator 
  3. AbdulHamid Nure 4512: Top Performing Operator 
  4. Wondwosen Hailtsion 4041: Exceptional Performance Award 
  5. Lincoln Shanmugan 4010: Exceptional Performance Award 

Toronto 1 Taxi 2023 award-winning operators are:

  1. Harvinder Singh A-0376: Operator of the Year
  2. Tekle Weldemikael A-0272: Top Performing Operator 
  3. Manjit Singh Dosanjh 2971: Top Performing Operator 
  4. Kulvir Dhillon A-0808:  Exceptional Performance 
  5. Harnek Singh Kooner 508:  Exceptional Performance
Wondwosen Hailtsion wins Exceptional Performance award
Kulvir Dhillon wins the Toronto 1 Taxi award for Exceptional Performance.
Nimal Singarajah – receivingTop Performance award for Scarborough City Cab.
Tekle Weldemikael receiving the Top Performance award for Toronto 1 Taxi.
Toronto 1 Best Choice group.
Harnek Kooner, Exceptional Performance award for Toronto 1 Taxi.
Manjit Dosanjh wins Exception Performance award for Toronto 1 Taxi.