Friday, July 19, 2024
CTA President Marc Andre Way provides very clear information in a Public Service Announcement shared with police and the public after reports of fake "Taxi drivers" scamming riders and stealing their credit card information. Photo: YouTube
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All Taxi drivers take cash, CTA President clarifies in PSA

Toronto scam involves man claiming his Taxi driver won’t accept cash

“ALL Taxi drivers take cash,” says Marc Andre Way, President of the Canadian Taxi Association. “There are NO Taxi drivers that do not take cash.”

In response to recent media reports of citizens having their credit or debit cards compromised by crooks claiming to be Taxi drivers, Way has recorded Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in both English and French using plain, blunt language to tell Canadians: ALL Taxi drivers accept cash.

“There is no Taxi driver that will not accept cash. And if a person is posing as a Taxi driver and tells you that they do not accept cash, it’s a scam, and the person is trying to compromise your credit cards.

“Whether it is one person or two persons who approach you saying they need a credit card because the driver cannot take cash, it’s a scam. All Taxi drivers are ready to accept cash.”

The two 30-second Public Service Announcements have been shared with Toronto Police corporate communications on February first and will be shared as widely as possible in the days ahead. The two PSAs have also been uploaded to the CTA’s YouTube channel so that anyone who wishes to share them or refer to them can easily access them.