Monday, July 15, 2024
Photo: CTA
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CTA surveying drivers, fleet operators, safety managers

(TORONTO, Feb. 5, 2024) — Truck drivers move Canada’s economy, and their voices need to be heard when decision makers consider infrastructure improvements and highway safety. The calls to improve highway safety in Canada are getting increasingly louder and the Canadian Trucking Alliance wants to hear from drivers, as well as fleet operators and safety managers to get insights into the issues and challenges and feedback on what they believe the solutions should be.

Whether it’s opinions on highway construction and poor road design, unsafe driving from other drivers, the lack of rest areas or cellular coverage in various parts of the country, we want to know your thoughts.

CTA has launched a Canada Highway Safety Perceptions survey and is asking members fleets and the wide industry to circulate it to their drivers and encourage participation. The survey – accessed here – is accessible online and by smartphones in English and French. The survey requires no personal or corporate information to participate, and all results will be presented generically. Just click here and answer a handful of survey questions. It’ll just take a few minutes.

CTA has also created a QR code poster that can be printed and presented around workplaces. Participants just need to snap the code with their mobile devices to link directly to the survey. Click here CTA Survey Poster_public to download and print. 

“Fleets and truck drivers are increasingly concerned about highway safety conditions in various parts of the country. The survey will help identify what aspects of the highway system and infrastructure is efficient and where improvements are needed. Feedback is essential to help CTA determine positions that can help us work with government to shape policy and develop solutions.”

The survey results will be presented to the CTA Board of Directors, Transport Canada, and other safety stakeholders to develop solutions that will improve highway and truck driver safety across Canada.

CTA also encourages industry members to help promote the survey on social media using the image graphic attached. Just post the image along with the survey link on your social media platforms.