Friday, June 21, 2024

One year anniversary “Flag Wave” to thank Truckers planned for Ontario bridges January 28

Ontario groups are planning a “Flag Wave” on bridges and overpasses to thank the Truckers for showing leadership in protesting Covid mandates when they drove to Ottawa in January 2022. Image: FB

Groups across Ontario are planning a celebratory “Flag Wave” on bridges and overpasses across the province on Saturday, January 28th from noon to 2pm.

Canadians flocked to bridges and overpasses to cheer on the Truckers driving to Ottawa to protest Covid mandates in January, 2022: “We’re looking forward to the first anniversary flag wave,” says Sharon Bonnycastle. “Some of my friends are driving from three hours away to be here.” Photo: RWN

Durham resident Sharon Bonnycastle was on the Cobbledick Bridge across the 401 last January. She plans to be there again on Saturday.

“To me, the Truckers’ Convoy meant freedom, strength, integrity and unconditional love for fellow Canadians,” says Bonnycastle. “The government overreach we endured totally went against our Charter Rights for security of the person. Not just in Canada, but all around the world: lockdowns and mandates were worldwide. The Canadian Freedom Convoy caused a total ripple effect from many countries including our Americans neighbours. They came by the hundreds to join us and oppose the same outrageous rules by their own government.

“Our Truckers were the only group to organize a real stand against these unconstitutional rules. Our Truckers drew attention from around the world,” says Bonnycastle, whose father was a career Truck driver and whose mother drove a school bus. (“Two professional drivers,” she notes.)

In a statement issued before last year’s protest the Canadian Trucking Alliance issued a statement saying, “The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) does not support and strongly disapproves of any¬†protests¬†on public roadways, highways, and bridges.”

“I’m so proud of our Truckers and the sacrifices they made for every single Canadian,” Bonnycastle says. “I’m proud to be Canadian and support this movement and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Eagle Vision Video Productions‘ Freedom Convoy drone footage