Monday, July 15, 2024
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October 8th deadline for input on Toronto Vehicle-for-Hire bylaw review


Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash


On September 8th, the City of Toronto announced that it will be providing an update on Vehicle-for-Hire regulations to the General Government and Licensing Committee in November. 

According to the email sent by Metro Licensing and Standards to stakeholders, the report will speak to work completed since the 2019 Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaw Review and provide updates on outstanding Council directives. It will also include the results of an updated Transportation Impact Study and a licensing fee review.

On April 11th, 2021, Taxi News published the results of a Freedom of Information request regarding driver training in the Vehicle-for-Hire industry. Toronto Council directed staff to create and implement the driver training program in January 2020, however, according to the FOI, no program had been launched. Taxi News has contacted MLS to request an update on that program, however, at time of posting only a generic automated response has been received. Updates will be posted as they arrive. 

The public has an opportunity to provide online feedback until Friday, October 8th. Industry members who are interested in receiving updates on the regulations for vehicles-for-hire should subscribe to the Vehicle-for-Hire e-mail listserv by visiting the City’s E-updates webpage. Under the header “Get Involved in Your Community,” scroll down and click “Vehicle-for-Hire Review,” then scroll back up to enter your e-mail address to subscribe.

In December 2020, City Council adopted amendments to the Vehicles-for-Hire Bylaw which placed a moratorium on the enforcement of the age of vehicles for the next two years. The 2019 Council-adopted Bylaw amendments included the creation of an Accessibility Fund Program, additional data requirements, mandatory training for all drivers, and an increase in the years of driving experience for all drivers from one to three years.