Sunday, December 10, 2023
Young Trucker Tyler was so demoralized by Canada's COVID mandates, he decided to quit trucking and become a mechanic instead. Photo: Donna Laframboise
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Not a Trucker Anymore

Vaccine mandates were life altering for one of the younger Truckers at the protest

by Donna Laframboise

This Trucker was one of the youngest chaps participating in the Ottawa protest. His name is Tyler and the truck was his own – a baby blue Kenworth. His Facebook page tells us he was formerly with the infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Last July – several months after the protest – Tyler announced on Facebook that he was selling his truck:

“The convoy and life after the convoy has really changed my way of thinking and what I want out of life. I no longer enjoy living in a truck and living out of truck stops for days on end away from family and friends. After losing my job due to the vaccine bullshit and having some time off to sit around and think…I realized that I actually want a home life and a family of my own…

…I also realized that I enjoy fixing trucks more than I enjoy driving them. So I have decided to sell the truck…and chase after another dream. Tomorrow I start a new job where I will be fixing heavy equipment and trucks as an apprentice! I’ll be home every night with weekends off which is something I’ve never had as an owner operator! I’m very excited to start this new life.”

People make decisions about their lives for all kinds of reasons. It’s entirely possible Tyler would have changed jobs on a similar schedule had the pandemic never occurred and had he never been punished for declining a medical intervention with no long term safety data.

But government policies do have consequences. Trucking organizations warned the feds ahead of time that imposing a vaccine mandate on cross-border truckers would cause people to leave an industry that was already short of drivers.

Tyler is a young man with decades in the workforce ahead of him. But he’s not a Trucker anymore.


Donna Laframboise writes a daily blog at  ThankYouTruckers.substack.comIt is a first draft of her upcoming book that focuses on interviews with Freedom Convoy truckers. She is a former National Post and Toronto Star columnist, and a former Vice President of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.