Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Eligibility criteria for Accessible funding unchanged, Toronto staff say drivers have 10 days to appeal decisions

Reports that Taxi drivers who are part of Toronto’s Accessibility Fund Program have been declined funding were addressed by City staff in an email on June 15th. Taxi drivers who have been refused funding have 10 days to appeal the decision.

“The eligibility criteria has not changed. Funds are disbursed to wheelchair accessible taxicab owners and drivers based on service standards and eligibility criteria,” Media staff replied to a query by Taxi News.

“Drivers are also required to have valid accessible service training. Drivers and owners under contract with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Wheel-Trans program are not be eligible.

“Licensed accessible taxicab owners and drivers need to fill up declaration forms (available online and mailed to owners and drivers) to apply for the funds. The City provides a comprehensive Instruction Sheet on how fill up this form. Applicants may be refused if they do not meet the eligibility criteria or submit incomplete or inaccurate forms. The City will email applicants to advise if they have been refused funding under the program.”

Drivers who have been refused have 10 days to appeal this decision, staff wrote. Questions should be directed to [email protected].